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Hybrid | Waste Management

We call it Hybrid | Waste Management combining the best practices of waste management and information technology to help your organization save money, increase productivity, and have complete information transparency.

We create an extension of your department by providing a dedicated account representative(s) that is constantly working on your behalf combined with WInStream, our web-based software. WInStream gives your entire team (Local Operations, Regional Managers, and Executives) unlimited real-time web-based reporting for costs monitoring, waste generation and sustainability reporting that is accessible 24/7/365 through a standard web browser. Our team is continually monitoring your account to right size waste, explore alternative savings avenues (i.e. recycling or composting), and ensure service continuity.

Additionally, we ensure contracts are tracked, managed and monitored to ensure vendor compliance and expeditious service request handling. In short, our Hybrid | Waste Management program ensures value and savings to our clients.


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